Learner Profile

At St Anthony's, we believe that there's more to learning than simply knowing content.

Our ever-changing world means that students need to develop a broad range of skills (or learner qualities) in order to become successful lifelong learners. These learner qualities are captured in our learner profile.

Learner Profile

At St Anthony's, we work on developing these qualities in our students as they learn each day; and we observe, assess and report on students' development as holistic learners.



  • Imaginative
  • Inquisitive
  • Expressive
  • Innovative


  • Catholic values
  • Personal responsibility
  • Displays respect
  • Displays empathy


  • Cooperates
  • Communicates effectively
  • Listens to and considers the ideas of others
  • Relates with others


  • Responds to feedback
  • Reflects on learning
  • Sets and works towards learning goals
  • Displays resilience

Active Thinker

  • Makes connections
  • Seeks solutions by questioning and investigating
  • Uses higher order thinking skills to develop deeper understanding
  • Uses critical thinking strategies

At St Anthony's, all staff seek to model in their professional work, the qualities of lifelong learning that we develop in students.



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