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The Hub

The Hub is our school library and resource centre. Constructed in 2010, it's called 'The Hub,' not only because it is centrally located in our school grounds, but also because it is a central point for accessing and enjoying a wide range of print, audiovisual and digital resources.

The Hub is open to students every day. Students may take time at lunch to read books, to play quiet games with friends, or use some of the school's latest technology, such as iPods and iPads. Some students even take the opportunity to use laptops from their classrooms in The Hub because they want to continue with a learning project, or use the internet because they do not have access at home.

Each class borrows books from The Hub once a week.

Part of the philosophy behind the creation of The Hub is that it holds a select range of the newest general resources for whole-school use. The school's library collection also extends into each grade's learning space. Each grade has age-appropriate reading material and subject-specific information texts in their classroom, so that they have the resources they need at their fingertips.

St Anthony's also has a large collection of teacher resources to support staff in providing quality learning and teaching programs.


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