The St Anthony's Primary Parent Handbook covers all the information you and your child will need.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries, please feel free to contact St Anthony’s Primary by phone on 8843 4600, weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Keep in Touch

This handbook is designed to give you some key information about our school.

For more information about St Anthony's, please visit our school website (www.stanthonysgirraween.catholic.edu.au).


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 Email  girraween@parra.catholic.edu.au
 Website  www.stanthonysgirraween.catholic.edu.au
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Our school newsletter is full of important information about what's happening at St Anthony's. It is a digital publication that is emailed every Thursday.

If you have not previously given your email address to our school office, then it is essential that you subscribe to the newsletter on our website.


 Monday - Thursday  8:30 am - 3:30 pm
 Friday  9:00 am - 3:30 pm

If you are making payments in person, please do so before 3:15 pm. The office has EFTPOS facilities.


Our Community

The parents and/or guardians of all children attending St Anthony's Primary are automatically members of the School Community Group (SCG). This group meets at the school once a term.

The SCG offers assistance to the school by performing such functions as:

  • fund raising to assist in the supplying of school equipment
  • assisting in the development of the school community through the organisation of social functions
  • providing a forum where matters of common interest may be discussed
  • providing a forum for learning in areas such as curriculum.

The SCG is another way in which the parent-school partnership may be enriched. We encourage all parents to take an active part in the School Community Group.


St Anthony's Primary serves the parish community of St Anthony of Padua, Toongabbie. We belong to and support, the wider parish community.

We encourage you to take part in the life of our faith community. The parish wants to support you as you continue to help your child come to know and love God.

In particular, the parish community seeks to support families through:

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word, celebrated at Sunday Mass
  • the Sacramental Process of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation for children who are baptised
  • Youth Groups, including Prayer Force One (senior primary), CAYA (Come As You Are, junior high school), Antioch (senior high school and young adults) and Pillar (young adults).

The parish looks forward to supporting you and your family.

Parish Team

Rev Joe Manjaly MS, Administrator
Rev Galbert Albino, Deacon
Luisa Luccitti, Secretary
Kristen Borg, Sacramental Coordinator
John Basco, Youth Coordinator

Church and Parish Office Contact Details

27 Aurelia St, Toongabbie
Phone: 9631 3316
Website: www.stanthonyschurch.org.au

General Information

School term dates and holidays are generally the same as government schools.

Term Dates
2018 2019
Term 1 Monday, 29 January to
Friday, 13 April
Term 1
Tuesday, 29 January to
Friday, 12 April
Term 2 Monday, 30 April to
Friday, 06 July
Term 2
Monday, 29 April to
Friday, 05 July
Term 3 Monday, 23 July to
Friday, 28 September
Term 3
Monday, 22 July to
Friday, 27 September
Term 4 Monday, 15 October to
Friday, 21 December
Term 4
Monday, 14 October to
Friday, 20 December

*School development days occur at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and the last two days of the school year. Check with your school, as schools may vary some of these dates.


NSW Public Holidays

2018 2019
New Year’s Day Monday, 01 January Tuesday, 01 January
Australia Day Friday, 26 January Monday, 28 January
Good Friday Friday, 30 March Friday, 19 April
Easter Saturday Saturday, 31 March Saturday, 20 April
Easter Sunday Sunday, 01 April Sunday, 21 April
Easter Monday Monday, 02 April Monday, 22 April
Anzac Day Wednesday, 25 April Thursday, 25 April
Queen's Birthday Monday, 11 June Monday, 10 June
Bank Holiday Monday, 06 August Monday, 05 August
Labour Day Monday, 01 October Monday, 07 October
Christmas Day Tuesday, 25 December Wednesday, 25 December
Boxing Day Wednesday, 26 December Thursday, 26 December


The school will occasionally have a pupil free day for the professional learning of staff. Notice of these days will be provided in the newsletter.


Supervision commences 8:30 am
School Begins 9:00 am
Recess 11:00 - 11:30 am
Lunch 1:30 - 2:15 pm
Dismissal 3:15 pm

There is no supervision at school before 8:30 am. In the afternoon, students waiting to be collected by parents are supervised until 3:45 pm.

If students need to be at school outside these times, Out of Hours School Care should be arranged.



When bringing students to school in the morning, parents may use the "kiss and drop" area on Girraween Road. Students should be organised and ready in the car, to depart quickly and safely.

Parents may also wish to park their car, or walk to school and accompany their children into the school grounds. Please encourage your children to play with their friends before school. Parents who remain until 9:00 am are asked to do so behind the assembly area near the staffroom.

During wet weather, students will usually proceed directly to the classroom where they will be supervised until classes begin.


Each grade is dismissed at 3:15 pm.

  • Students going to after school care will move there directly at 3:15 pm
  • Students whose parents are waiting in the playground or who are walking home are taken to the covered assembly area - please wait to collect your children in this area
  • Students waiting for a bus, or to be collected by parents at "kiss and drop" are taken to the "waiters area" near the Girraween Road gate.

During wet weather, students will be directed to sheltered areas for dismissal.

Variations to Normal Travel Arrangements

Please let your child's teacher know if there is a change to the way your child normally heads home in the afternoon.


Students in Kindergarten - Year 2 are eligible for free bus travel. Older students are eligible if they live outside a 1.6 km radius or 2.3 km walking distance from the centre of the school, or in special circumstances.

For eligible students to receive free bus travel, parents must apply for a School Opal Card. Full information and the online application form can be found on the School Opal Card website.


Before and After School Care is provided at St Anthony's by Girraween Activity Centre.

Visit Activity Centres Inc. (http://www.activitycentres.com.au/), or phone 9896 1466 for more information, or to enrol your child.



Ensuring a quality Catholic education is affordable and accessible for children

St Anthony’s Primary is part of a system of schools in the Parramatta Diocese run with the support of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta. Catholic schools aim to keep their fees as low as possible, and can provide flexible payment arrangements for families. Students who meet enrolment criteria will not be refused enrolment because of a genuine inability to afford school fees.

There are three levels of annual fees, billed in instalments during Terms 1, 2 and 3:

  • Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees set by the Catholic Education Office
  • Diocesan Building Levy set by the Catholic Education Office
  • School-based fees.

There are very significant discounts for the second (25% reduction) and third (50% reduction) children enrolled from the one family. There are no fees for the fourth and subsequent children.

Visit the 'School Fees' page in the 'Enrol' section of our website for full details on school fees payable at St Anthony's Primary.


The canteen is independently operated and is open before school, and at recess and lunch, daily. Only a small amount of spending money should be provided for snack items.

Lunch orders

Lunch orders are taken both at school each morning, and online the day before.

Lunch orders submitted in the morning should be written on the outside of a paper bag with your child's name and class, and the correct money enclosed. Lunch orders are collected in class and sent to the canteen at the beginning of the day.

Canteen website

All canteen information (including price lists) and online ordering is available at the canteen operator's website 'Mel's Tasty Bites' (http://www.melstastybites.com/).


Communication with the School

If your child is absent from school for a day or two...
Please send in a letter of explanation when your child returns to school.

If your child is going to be away sick for several days...
Please call the office so that we are aware of your child's absence. A note will still be needed on return.

If your child is going to be away for reasons other than sickness (overseas trip, family reasons)...
Please visit the office, or download from our website, an Exemption from Attendance form. This is a legal requirement. Completed forms must be submitted to the office 4 weeks before the leave commences. 

If your child arrives late to school...
Please bring them to the office and sign them in.

If you need to take your child from school early...
Please go to the office to sign your child out. The office staff will send for your child.


Communication with parents and teachers is important for supporting your child's learning and wellbeing.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please arrange a time to speak to your child's teacher.

A parent-teacher meeting in Term 1 provides an opportunity to talk to your child's teacher about their learning and social needs. The Student-Led Conference at the end of Term 2 is an opportunity for your child to share and discuss their learning with you, and identify goals for the rest of the year.


Uniform & Grooming

All items of the school uniform are available from the school's own uniform shop (situated in 214 Targo Road – next door). Order forms are available from here and the school office and orders will be filled within a few days. Alternatively, you can visit the uniform shop during trading hours.

Uniform Shop Hours

The uniform shop is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as follows:

  • 8:30 - 9:30am Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 2:15 - 3:00pm Wednesdays

In addition, the uniform shop is open on specific occasions (e.g. before the school year starts). Notice of these times is provided in the Kindergarten information package, and is also publicised in our school newsletter, available on our website.

Uniform Shop Order Form

To place an order, please download, print and complete our Uniform Price List found on our Uniform Shop page.


All students are required to wear the correct school uniform. The uniform helps promote a spirit of school community and also serves as a practical form of clothing for students at school.

If it is not possible for your child to wear their uniform, a brief letter of explanation is required. If a child is not observing uniform requirements, and no parental explanation is received, parents will be notified via a letter from their class teacher.

All items of school uniform and required accessories (except shoes), are purchased from the school Uniform Shop.

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 and 4)

Girls Summer Dress


  • Green collared school shirt 
  • Green school shorts
  • Green school socks
  • Black polishable school shoes (not black boots or joggers)
  • Green school bomber jacket, if required (optional)
  • Green school woollen jumper, if required
  • Green school hat


  • Green patterned school dress
  • Green school socks
  • Black polishable school shoes (not black boots or joggers)
  • Green school bomber jacket, if required (optional)
  • Green school woollen jumper, if required
  • Green school hat
  • Bottle green hair accessories (eg ribbons, elastics, clips, headbands and scrunchies)

      Please note: long hair must be tied back at all times

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3)

Winter Uniform


  • Green collared school shirt
  • Green tailored school pants
  • Green school socks
  • Black polishable school shoes (not black boots or joggers)
  • Green school bomber jacket, if required (optional)
  • Green school woollen jumper, if required
  • Green school hat


  • Green school tunic
  • White long sleeve blouse
  • Bottle green school tights
  • Black school shoes (not black boots or joggers)
  • Green school bomber jacket, if required (optional)
  • Green school woollen jumper, if required
  • Green school hat
  • Bottle green hair accessories (eg ribbons, elastics, clips, headbands and scrunchies) 
    • Please note: long hair must be tied back at all times

Hats: Children must wear school hats on the playground at all times. Children not wearing a hat are to remain in shaded areas. This is to protect your child from the sun.

Raincoat: We strongly recommend that students have a raincoat in their bag for when it is raining at arrival or dismissal times. 

Sports Uniform

Sport Uniform

The sports uniform may be worn on each class' nominated sports day; this will be communicated to parents in writing as required. The sports uniform is as follows:

  • Green and white patterned school sports polo shirt 
  • Green school sports tracksuit, if required
  • Green school sports shorts
  • White sports socks with school name
  • White sneakers or sandshoes
    • Please note: It is often difficult today to purchase white joggers which do not contain some coloured trim. This is fine providing they are predominantly white.

All items of the school uniform must be clearly marked with the child’s full name.

School Bag

St Anthony's has a school bag which is compulsory for all students.

Grooming and Hair

Students are to be neatly and cleanly dressed at all times. Shoes should be clean and well-presented.

Hair is to be kept neat and tidy, off the collar, of consistent natural colour, of gradual even grade and all extremes of fashion are to be avoided. Some examples of "styles" that are unacceptable, include: ridges, lines, undercuts, steps, bowl cuts, any excessive shaping with gel, and any shaving cuts (specifically grades No 1 and No 2).

Girls' hair that is longer than shoulder length is to be tied back from the face. Hair is to be off the face and out of the eyes.

Ribbons, hair slides etc, if worn, should be in the school uniform colour of bottle green. Matching scrunchies and headbands are sold from the Uniform Shop.


The following items of jewellery are permitted:

  • A watch
  • A religious symbol (e.g. cross) on a chain worn around the neck, under the shirt or dress
  • For girls, one earring in each ear, which must be plain metal, in either sleeper or stud style.


Policies and Procedures

Below is an outline of some of the key policies that affect parents, particularly as their children start school at St Anthony's. Our full collection of school and system policies can be found on our website.


In the event of a serious accident, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The school will contact the parents
  2. If the parents are unavailable, the school will contact the nearest doctor or the doctor listed on the child's file.  
  3. An ambulance will be called by the school if required.

The school will always take the necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of your child. To help us, it is imperative that the school is supplied with the name and telephone number of an emergency contact person (preferably someone who is nearby and available), and that these details are kept up-to-date.


Anaphylaxis is a severe, sudden, life-threatening allergic reaction that some people experience when exposed to particular foods. We have students at St Anthony's who can experience anaphylactic shock.

So that we can keep all our students safe, we ask for your cooperation in not sending peanut butter and other nut products to school.


There may be occasions when you have concerns about your child's learning or welfare whilst at school. It is important to communicate these concerns with us so that we can support you and your child.

Please always speak to your child's teacher in the first instance. The school leadership team can assist with matters that you have already raised with the class teacher, but that you believe have not reached a satisfactory resolution. Similarly, if your child has a concern, they should speak firstly to the teacher in the classroom, or the teacher on duty (if a situation occurs on the playground).

Please do not approach a child or their parents directly, to resolve situations that have occurred at school.


Only medication prescribed by a doctor can be given at school, and must be brought to the school office where it will be kept in a secure location. Medication must be in its original container, accompanied by a signed authority from the parent detailing the child's name, name of medication, dosage, time and duration of treatment. Special forms are available from the school office for this purpose. Where a child requires ongoing medication at school, parents should contact the Principal to discuss an action plan.


School Rules

  1. Respect yourself
  2. Respect others
  3. Respect our environment

We focus on positively encouraging appropriate behaviour. We believe that it is important for children to develop responsibility for their own actions and to accept the consequences that occur because of that behaviour.

Corporal punishment is not part of our student management strategies.

Our Wellbeing Policy is intended to reflect our School’s Mission and Vision Statements, and the beliefs and values that underpin them. Our goal is to develop a strong sense of community and manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and strengthening relationships.

Our Wellbeing Policy is available on the Policies page of our school website.


Visitors who are working in, or volunteer in the school need to sign in at the office and receive an Authorised Visitor Badge.

As required by law, parents who volunteer to help in the school (e.g. canteen, classroom helpers, excursions, carnivals) are required to complete Child Protection training and checks. Courses are offered in Term 1 each year - please check the newsletter regularly for details.