Learning Support

St Anthony’s Primary follows an inclusive model of learning support. Inclusion is a process whereby the educational needs of all children are met, regardless of ability or disability.

The fundamental responsibility of St Anthony’s school community is to provide opportunities for the achievement of learning outcomes for all students.

In line with the Diocese of Parramatta vision for student services in the 21st century, support is available to any student with learning needs. These needs can range from children with disabilities, including vision impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, specific learning difficulties, behaviour disorders, emotional disturbance, communication/language disorders and physical disability. Children learning English as a Second Language (ESL) and New Arrivals are also supported. Students with special gifts and talents are enriched in their learning, to foster their potential.

Individual Plans are prepared for those children who meet the requirements for Commonwealth Government funding. The Individual Plan records any within-class modifications or adjustments made for the child’s particular learning needs, specific learning support and any additional expectations of parents or carers.

The prime focus of Learning Support is the coordination of a team of specialist teaching staff, counsellors and teacher aides to provide support to classroom teachers using a range of evidence based approaches, including those that are preventative, proactive and strength-based.

The Learning Support Team works within the classrooms to enhance the value of an inclusive environment. They assist in whole class and group activities. Opportunities are also provided to recognise and focus on individual needs.

Regular Team Meetings are organised to discuss and review support needs within each grade. An ongoing tracking and monitoring system is established for every student in the school. At times, there may be a need for further specialised assessments or interventions to highlight specific learning needs.

The goal of Learning Support is to provide classroom teachers with assistance and resource support to promote the learning outcomes of all students.

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