Key Learning Areas

St Anthony’s provides a Christ-centred education that develops the spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical potential of all our children.

Our school curriculum strives to meet the needs of all our students by differentiating the curriculum to enable all students to achieve success in their learning. We have specialised literacy and numeracy lead teachers and educators who work with teachers to build their capacity to deliver high quality instruction.

Key Learning Areas

Maths at St Anthonys

In English, students learn to read, write, talk and listen. They learn about English language and literature, how language varies according to context and how to communicate to a range of audiences for different purposes. They learn to read for information and for pleasure. They learn about poetry, novels and plays. They gain a sound grasp of language structures, punctuation, spelling and grammar. (NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), Parents Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses)

At St Anthony's, learning and teaching in English follows a balanced model which includes:

  • teacher modelling of knowledge, understanding and skills
  • shared experiences to develop these concepts
  • independent learning experiences to consolidate what has been learnt

Student learning experiences are matched to their stage of development through ongoing assessment. The prime learning time each week is dedicated to English and Mathematics, and additional learning support is provided at these times to maximise learning.

St Anthony's engages in diocesan-wide assessment to identify students at risk in the crucial early years of schooling, including:

  • the School Entry Assessment (SEA) for Kindergarten students
  • an Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement for Kindergarten and Year 1 students. Some elements (e.g. Running Records) are continued with students in later
  • grades, according to need

In addition to the learning intervention programs provided by grade learning teams, St Anthony's also has a specialist Reading Recovery teacher.

Year 6 students also participate in the diocesan Voice of Youth public speaking competition.

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Mathematics develops students’ thinking, understanding, competence and confidence with numbers, shapes and measurement. Students learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply whole numbers, fractions and decimals. They learn to measure time and calculate with money. They learn geometry, algebra and how to work with data and graphs.

As with English, learning in Mathematics at St Anthony's is characterised by:

  • modelled, shared and independent learning experiences
  • allocation of prime learning time
  • matching of learning experiences to students' stage of development through ongoing assessment
  • provision of additional learning support
  • intervention programs developed by grade learning teams, according to need

St Anthony's is also engaging in the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) project. The focus of this project is to improve learning and teaching in Mathematics, and again, identify students at risk and provide targeted interventions in the crucial early years of schooling.

Science and Technology develops students’ skills in thinking, investigating and problem-solving. It gives them knowledge and skills in scientific investigation, design and applied technology. This subject builds on the curiosity children have about their natural and built environments.

Science and Technology learning experiences are underpinned by a constructivist approach. Through practical investigations, and designing and making, students develop their understanding of the world around them.

Student excursions are often related to a unit of work in HSIE or Science and Technology each year.

In Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) students learn about history, geography, civics and citizenship. They investigate their personal and community identity, and gain an understanding of their nation and its place in the world. They learn to participate effectively in maintaining and improving the quality of their society and environment.

HSIE learning experiences are underpinned by a inquiry approach. Through gathering, analysing, synthesising and applying information, students develop their understanding of the world around them.

Student excursions are often related to a unit of work in HSIE or Science and Technology each year.

Creative Arts gives students experiences in the visual arts, music, drama and dance. They have opportunities to explore their creativity in each of these areas. They learn to appreciate the meanings and values that each art form offers. They perform and express themselves through the visual arts, music, drama and dance.

At St Anthony's, students are provided with a range of opportunities across the Creative Arts Key Learning Area. We believe that it is crucial to develop students' creative and expressive capabilities in addition to their logical and analytical skills. To support learning in Creative Arts, St Anthony's has a specialist music teacher, and provides extracurricular opportunities through The Music Bus.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. Students learn about the importance of good food and regular exercise. They learn how bodies grow and change over time. They learn skills to play individual and team sports, and the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

At St Anthony's, we believe that learning in PDHPE is important for students to develop respect and care for themselves and for others, as human beings made in God's image.

Our peer support program is conducted annually to develop positive relationships and social skills. This is further consolidated by our buddy program. The Life Education program also encourages healthy lifestyles and responsible decision-making.

As required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), students engage in physical activity every week. Physical Education lessons are provided by a specialist PE teacher. A swimming program is also conducted annually to support the Physical Education program and provide important water safety skills.

Opportunities are also provided, through whole-class clinics and optional sporting gala days and competitions, to allow students to develop skills and interest in a range of sports, such as:

  • Rugby League
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • AFL

Carnivals are also conducted annually for swimming, athletics and cross-country running. Successful participants at school level compete against other schools at zone, Diocesan, Inter-Diocesan and State levels. Preparation for school carnivals takes place as part of the Physical Education program.


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